Kate Upton’s SI Swimsuit Cover Raises More Than Eyebrows

by | February 14, 2012 at 11:05 AM | General, Sports

Kate Upton (Evan Agostini/AP)

It seemed obvious well before it leaked to the masses that this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model was going to be 19-year-old supermodel Kate Upton.  And boom, on Cupid’s day, we have Kate Upton in a tiny string bikini, striking a provocative pose on a sunny island.

She’s a gorgeous, young model and a Knicks fan who likes to do the Dougie. That much is known.

But this morning, the cover image made its way around the office and several editors started speculating. “She looks great… maybe a little too great.” And, “what about leaving something for the mind’s desire?”

Basically, it’s Upton, and maybe a little too much Upton thanks to some heavy-handed photoshopping. There’s a tremendous amount of side-breast in the pic, but what’s really conflicting is the editing on her bottom half (or what’s left of it). Naturally, we weren’t the only ones calling the mag’s image team into question.

From Jezebel:

“Surely, they could have sprung for an extra centimeter or two of bikini fabric for one of the biggest magazine covers of the year.

“Really the whole area meets her thighs in kind of a flat, strange way—even a Barbie doll has more realistic, prominent-looking genitalia. Regardless, the answer to the headline “Kate Upton: Any Questions?” is definitely, “Nope, I can pretty much see everything I need to see.”

Then there was this commenter’s reaction to the leaked cover:

“…I’ve seen bigger bikini bottoms made out of a dorito and fishing line[.]”

To wit, I’m a huge fan of SI.com and the Swimsuit series. I think Sports Illustrated is one of the best sports journalism institutions out there and has been for a long time. But that doesn’t excuse them from what appears to be a post-shoot editing goof on one of the world’s major up-and-coming young models.

I’m thinking of better times, circa 1987 and Elle MacPherson.

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