Top 10 Dunks of the 2011-12 NBA Season So Far

by | February 24, 2012 at 1:09 PM | NBA, Sports

Blake Griffin (Jason Redmond/AP)

Some will argue that this abbreviated NBA season has left something to be desired. I’m not one of those people. In fact, I think the 66-game schedule has forced teams into winning early and as often as they can to ensure they book one of the 16 available slots come playoff time.

The story of the year, or at least of February, has been Jeremy Lin. He plays for the Knicks. If you went to Harvard you know him. But I’m always a little cynical this time of year. Football is gone, baseball is starting… then there’s Lin.

I admit that ‘Linsanity’ isn’t the kind of entertainment that has me clinging to the edge of my seat every night. I’ve watched “Gold Rush” instead. I love a good Cinderella story, but at the end of the day, I’m not watching to see if Lin can be Lincredible, or Lintastic or Linsatiable.

I want to see dunks. And lots of them.

I’m happy that New York has finally found its first true point guard since Mark Jackson. But I spill my frosty beverages over the dudes that get above the rim with authority and attitude, and then let you know about it as they head down court to defend.

So in the spirit of the NBA All-Star weekend, let’s count down the best dunks so far this season.

10. Kobe Bryant’s Reverse Alley-Oop

It’s not the nastiest, but it’s still Kobe being Kobe.

9. John Wall Elevates in the Garden

I liked John Wall a lot when he was a Wildcat, mostly because he constantly made stuff like this look like a walk in the park.

8. JaVale McGee Makes Headlines

If you’re not a fan of showboating then you won’t appreciate what JaVale McGee did to the Houston Rockets on CSN. The Wizards were down when it happened so people got upset, but what’s not to love about a little school-yard fun?

7. Vince Carter Makes Emeka Okafor Look 5’9″

This one didn’t get a ton of hype, but I’m an old-school Vince Carter fan. Few go to the rack like ‘Vinsanity.’ Just ask Okafor.

6. Deron Williams Gets Vertical

The Nets star guard is a frequent topic of discussion, especially when he does things like this. And one.

5. Paul George’s Fast Break, Reverse-Double-Pump Dunk

I love this kid from Fresno State. The Pacers cashed in when they drafted him. George is a participant in this year’s Slam Dunk Contest and my pick to steal the show.

4. Russell Westbrook Brings the Thunder

This happened earlier this week. But for my money, it was Westbrook’s one-handed, put-back dunk that made the Izod Center quiver. Guy gives me the chills.

3. Blake Griffin Posterizes Kendrick Perkins

A lot of people deemed it “Dunk of the Year.” It’s was solid, for sure, given Perkins collided with Griffin mid-air. But for me, there was a better one.

2. LeBron James Skies over John Lucas

Hate LBJ all you want. This alley-oop was pretty special.

1. Blake Griffin vs. Kris Humphries

This one owns the list for two reasons: 1) Blake switched hands mid-flight and went lefty; 2) Even Kim Kardashian blushed.

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