They Have Built It (Fenway West), But Will People Come?

by | April 20, 2012 at 2:47 PM | General, MLB, Sports

A father and son tandem, Jim Maciariello, 58, and son, Ben, 31, incredibly have built a one-third-scale version of Fenway Park on a farm that they own. To say that a fair amount of time and effort went into the construction of ‘Fenway West,’ would be a gross understatement. The two began the project for the simple reasoning of ‘How cool would it be to have our family and friends trying to hit balls over the Green Monster?’  And cool it is…

According to The Register-Guard:

“They would build the famed, 37-foot-high wall in left field (a little over 12 feet in Drain), complete with Fenway’s trademark scoreboard.

“Not only that, but the odd-shape “triangle” in the centerfield wall and “Pesky’s Pole” in right field. (The foul ball marker was named for ex-Portlander Johnny Pesky, a Red Sox player from the 1940s and ’50s who had a propensity for hitting home runs just inside the pole.)

“The field sits on a shelf among rolling hills and trees, far more intriguing than intruding, its low scale and green paint working well with the surroundings.

“Fenway West is 121 feet to right and 103 to left. Jim and Ben placed left field due east of home plate to exploit winds out of the west; better, of course, for righties to poke homers.”

Kudos to this tandem and we can only hope that the folks at Fenway proper take notice of this gem.


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