Durant a Willing Teammate of LeBron, ish

by | July 11, 2012 at 1:35 PM | General, Olympics

Matthew Kitchen, NBC Olympics

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Kevin Durant and LeBron James have had their share of differences due to the fact they’re arguably the two best players in the world (Kobe Bryant seems to be the only one arguing) and played each other in the Finals only a few weeks ago.

James and his random collection of teammates (Norris Cole, maybe?) came out on top and Durant admitted to the Associated Press Tuesday that he’s still a little bitter, but says he can put it behind when the two play on the same side for the first time.

“He’s my teammate now. I’m a team player. I can’t let that affect this,” Durant said, gritting through his teeth. “It’s tough to lose in the Finals and play the guy you’ve been going up against for five games who beat you. So me, I’m just going to get over it, still be a great teammate, come out and play hard.”

Too bad Durant didn’t lose to the Spurs, Bulls, Lakers, Grizzlies, or his own Thunder teammates, because then he could take some of that aggression out on the rest of the world. Instead he’ll be left staring down his own teammates after nailing corner threes.

We’d love to say we’re interested whether Durant or LeBron will be taking game winning shots in London, but we imagine those will be few and far between against the likes of Tunisia. Instead we just hope Kobe goes all Kobe and shoots 36 times a game.

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