Xfinity Gives You the Best View of the 2012 London Olympics

by | July 27, 2012 at 3:07 PM | General, Olympics

There’s just something about the Olympics. The intensity. The medals. The anthems. The heart-stopping and heartbreaking moments that live for generations. The world comes together to play – and to watch.

For the 2012 Summer Games in London, you can watch the Olympics like never before. That sounds like a cliché, we know. But, it’s true. Imagine:

  • Every sport, every event is available to watch live online and on mobile devices;
  • It’s all included in your Xfinity cable subscription; and
  • We’ve made it super easy for you to watch.

Remember when Michael Phelps and Team USA won the 4x100M relay in Beijing? Remember the goose bumps on your arms? Remember balancing yourself on the edge of your seat when they entered the final turn? Remember springing up in excitement when Jason Lezak touched the wall first? Those are the moments you remember for a lifetime. We don’t want you to miss any of them – and now, you don’t have to.

Every sport, every event is available to watch live online and on mobile devices

“Every Minute. Every Medal. Every Screen.”

For the first time in history, every single minute of every single event will be streamed live. We don’t mean almost everything. We mean everything.

Through and the NBC Olympics Live Extra app, you can watch more than 3,500 hours of live streaming from London on your computer, tablet and smartphone. And yes, this includes the big sports like swimming, gymnastics and track & field.

At the same time, NBCU is broadcasting more than 2,000 hours across nine NBU networks (including Olympics soccer, basketball and 3D channels), so you are covered if you want to watch on your TV.  Plus, you can catch up on what you missed and watch every medal event On Demand.  Simply go to the Xfinity On Demand menu with your remote control and select “2012 London Olympics” from the main menu.

We know it’s a lot to keep track of. So we created the Ultimate Olympics Viewers’ Guide at This way, you’ll always know what’s available and when and where to watch it.

It’s all included in your Xfinity cable subscription

The 3,500 hours of live streaming is available to the vast majority of Xfinity TV customers with Digital Starter and above level of service. There are no extra costs, it’s all included with your service. Just sign in to or the NBC Olympics Live Extra app and you are good to go.

 We’ve made it super easy for you to get access

Ah yes, signing in. We’ve made it easy. Remember – Phelps, goose bumps, edge of your seat – you don’t want to miss that.

To see the Games live online or on your mobile device, you need to sign in to or to the NBC Olympics Live Extra app. You only need to do it once per computer or device – we’ll keep you signed in for the duration of the Games.

And even better, if you are in your home and you are using Xfinity high-speed Internet, you’ll be signed in to and the NBC Olympics Live Extra App automatically. The first time you try to watch an Olympics video, you’ll be asked to verify your pay-TV provider. Simply select “Comcast.” That’s it. We take care of the rest with auto in-home sign in. Make sure to sign in from your home early on, and you’ll be signed in for the entire Games.

If you are not in your home (maybe if, you know, you are watching from, say, work), you can sign in with either your Comcast email address or your Comcast User ID. If you don’t have a Comcast email address/Comcast User ID or if you can’t remember your password, you can visit to create a User ID or reset your password. It’s fast and easy. When you watch a video for the first time on or the NBC Olympics Live Extra App, you will need to follow three easy steps:

1)      Select Comcast when asked to verify your pay-TV provider;

2)      Enter your Comcast User ID and password;

3)      Begin watching the Games immediately.

In fact, you can sign in right now if you’d like so that you’re ready to watch at a moment’s notice. Just click here. If you have any questions about how to enjoy the Games with Xfinity, please visit our London FAQs.

The Olympics are about coming together to watch the best athletes in the world create moments that live forever. We’re excited to give you every minute and every medal of the Games so you can watch on every screen.

Let the Games begin!