Raanan’s 2012 NFL Predictions

by | September 5, 2012 at 5:42 PM | General, NFL, Sports

By Jordan Raanan, Xfinity Sports Columnist

It’s the Wednesday we’ve been waiting for since February. The Wednesday the NFL season begins.

Enough of the preseason. Enough of the meaningless games featuring future and past garbage men and supermarket cashiers. We’re so ready for football we can’t wait until Sunday. We get the real deal on Wednesday night with the Cowboys and defending champion Giants opening the NFL season at the Meadowlands.

But before the opening kickoff, something must be done. The official picks must be in the books. They must be locked in before the games begin.

So here we go…

AFC East: 1) Patriots 2) Bills 3) Jets 4) Dolphins

AFC North: 1) Ravens 2) Bengals 3) Steelers 4) Browns

AFC South: 1) Texans 2) Colts 3) Titans 4) Jaguars

AFC West: 1) Chiefs 2) Broncos 3) Chargers 4) Raiders

Wild Cards: Bengals, Broncos

AFC Championship: Ravens vs. Chiefs

NFC East: 1) Giants 2) Eagles 3) Redskins 4) Cowboys

NFC North: 1) Packers 2) Lions 3) Bears 4) Vikings

NFC South: 1) Falcons 2) Panthers 3) Bucs 4) Saints

NFC West: 1) 49ers 2) Seahawks 3) Cardinals 4) Rams

Wild Cards: Lions, Eagles

NFC Championship: Packers vs. Giants

Super Bowl: Packers over Ravens

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