Convicted Felon Youth Football Coach Assaults Referee [Video]

by | October 15, 2012 at 6:17 PM | General, Sports

Andrew Keigans officiated a little league football game over the weekend. Following a disputed call, he was assaulted by an assistant coach while trying to leave the field.

The incident occurred Saturday evening during a game between the West Park Saints and Miramar Patriots in West Park, Fla. According to US News, Keigans flagged the Saints for unsportsmanlike conduct after one of the assistant coaches made a derogatory comment from the sidelines.

After he threw the flag, Keigans turned around and bumped one of the players and moved the player to the side to talk to one of the other referees, the report said.

The assistant coach, who disagreed with the penalty, barged the field and confronted Keigans as he was held back by head coach Antonio Lane, the report said.

Because the assistant coach left the sidelines and entered the field of play to confront Keigans, the head referee decided to end the game, the report said.

From that point on, chaos ensued. You can clearly see from the below video how the assistant coach slaps Keigans out of nowhere. The slap was a pretty vicious one, hard enough to send Keigans to the ground.

The assistant coach was identified as 43-year old Dion Robinson, who has been arrested and is a convicted felon. Which begs the question: why was he allowed to coach in the first place?

According to The Sun-Sentinel:

State records show Robinson, of West Park, is a convicted felon who over the years has had more than a dozen arrests. Records show Robinson served prison time in the 1980s for robbery. Among the cases to which he has pleaded no contest since 2003 are cocaine delivery, indecent exposure and unlawful use of a false name, the records show.


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