Alex Rodriguez Owns Rat-Infested, Roach-Filled Apartments in Florida

by | December 13, 2012 at 3:58 PM | Cosby Sweaters

Residents of Newport Riverside, an apartment complex in Tampa, Florida owned by Yankees star Alex Rodriguez, are complaining about the poor, slum-like conditions of the complex. Newport Riverside is just one of 15 complexes that Rodriguez’s company Newport Property Ventures owns.

Rodriguez is baseball’s highest paid player with $27.5 million coming in each year. You would think with a bankroll like that, A-Rod could get these problems fixed; but residents say problems like courtyard lights, holes in walls, and broken windows have gone months without repair.

Other complaints from residents at Newport Riverside include what they said were unfair tows from the parking lot Monday night. Tow trucks removed a number of residents’ vehicles because they backed into their spots, violating a little-known and non-posted policy of only parking “front in.”

Residents had to pay upwards of $175 a piece to retrieve their vehicles; money they say will come out of their families’ Christmas allowance.

It is not just the condition of the apartments that are in jeopardy. 10 News called the City of Tampa which prompted an immediate visit from the Fire Marshall. Upon arriving, the Fire Marshall found an improperly-locked driveway gate at the back of the complex as well as code enforcement.

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