Five Best Sports Apps for Super Bowl Weekend

by | February 1, 2013 at 8:32 PM | Cosby Sweaters

It’s that time of year again. The weekend where we crown the world’s best team on the gridiron. The weekend where for one Sunday, our friends and families indulge us for a few hours and actually watch football with us. For just a few hours, even if it’s only for Beyonce and four million dollar TV commercials, they join us. We eat together, we drink together, we watch America’s game together. The one thing that won’t change this week is that folks will not leave the house without their mobile devices. Therefore, we want to make sure that you and your guests have the absolute perfect apps for Super Bowl Sunday.

These are the best iPhone and Android sports apps for the big game.

Call It: Football by Space Ape Games

Over the years, the drinking game has grown in popularity. Every time a presidential candidate starts his sentence with “look,” you drink, etc. People love to gamify their television viewing and Call It: Football makes football viewing a lot more fun…even for boring games. Call It Football allows users to basically place bets for each part of the game: Who will score first? Who will have the lead at halftime?. This is a great app for the people who are at your party, but aren’t necessarily the biggest sports fan. It’s a great way to have everyone get involved.

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Download Call It Football here.

Thuuz Sports by Thuuz Sports Inc.

Thuuz might be the coolest app that you haven’t downloaded on your phone yet. Thuuz pulls in play-by-play data from all sports and places an algorithm on that data to give you a rating for each game – i.e., how good is the game and should you bother watching. Thuuz is your perfect companion for the Super Bowl party this weekend. While you’re in the kitchen fixing the second round of chicken wings and grabbing your next beer, Thuuz will alert you when something great is happening. Actual Super Bowl games can often get drowned out by the surrounding festivities – with Thuuz you can get your party on while never missing an exciting moment.

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Download Thuuz here.

49ers Gameday Live by YinzCam

The 49ers Gameday Live app will give you lots of ammo before you head to your Super Bowl party. If your team didn’t make it to the big game, then you may not know all of the star players from the competing teams. This is your answer. Do a little pre-game homework and you’ll sound like a smart NFL analyst when your going for second’s of 7-layer dip: What have Colin Kapernick’s stats been this season? What is Patrick Willis’ background? It’s all here.

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Download 49ers Live here.

Baltimore Ravens Mobile by YinzCam / Ravens Sports

Similar to the 49ers app featured above and made by the same company. Is Ray Lewis distracted by allegations that he rubs deer antler juice on his elbows? How does Ed Reed think the defense will cover the 49ers receivers? You’ll get the story and more with the Baltimore Ravens Mobile app.

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Download Baltimore Ravens Mobile here.

SBLVII Guide by NFL Enterprises LLC
This is the app you’ll need if you’re actually lucky enough to be in NOLA for the big game. This map-based app integrates location services to tell you what parties, live music, bars and restaurants are going off near you. Get yourself a Hurricane and a po’ boy and spend a little time with this app to make sure you’re doing things right for Super Bowl weekend.

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Download the SBLVII Guide here.


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