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Opportunity Lost

Just about everyone who picked Philadelphia to beat Green Bay on Sunday (myself included), did so because they thought Michael Vick would somehow will his team to a win. It… More

Buck Up, Philadelphia

Baseball is about moments. There’s no game clock. No seconds. No minutes. No shot clocks. There are pitches. There are hits. There are outs … all of them moments. In… More

Pain Does Not Exist in this Dojo

It certainly wasn’t pretty. But when you’re fighting for your season, when you’re one loss away from going home, style points don’t mean much. There is one goal. Survive at… More

Rules Made to Be Broken

It’s an outrage. A debacle. A travesty. I’m fired up. And I’m talking about men’s slow-pitch softball. Who knew I could care so much about  a sport that Artie Lange… More