Outstanding Comedy Series


Generally one of the hardest categories to predict, of this year’s nominees, NBC is a surefire bet to take home the Emmy with 30 Rock and The Office, two of the best comedies on television.

30 Rock (NBC) – 9:5
The fictional behind the scenes at SNL-clone ‘TGS’ was the best new comedy of the season.
Entourage (HBO) – 3:1
Don’t count on ‘Aquaman’ making much of a splash.
The Office (NBC) – 5:6
The gang at Dunder Mifflin look to repeat last year’s Outstanding Comedy victory.
Two And A Half Men (CBS) – 13:2
TV’s highest rated comedy faces stiff competition.
Ugly Betty (ABC) – 5:2
In any other year, it might have a shot, but up against 30 Rock and The Office, Betty’s chances look ugly.

Who Will Win
30 Rock

While it’s a two pony race, The Office is a show about people who work for a paper company. 30 Rock is a show about people who work in the television industry. Not hard to see how this plays out.

Who Should Win
The Office

Both The Office and 30 Rock are smart, witty and beautifully acted. It’s really just a matter of preference and I went with The Office because of the ‘Creed Factor.’

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