Fancast Emmy Watch: The Reaction

Ryan Seacrest host the 2007 Emmy Awards

The second lowest rated Emmys of all time took it on the chin in the media today, with even its supporters providing nothing more than backhanded compliments.

Robert Bianco of the USA Today absolutely kills the broadcast, taking Ryan Seacrest to task, “Actually, ‘amateurish’ doesn’t begin to describe Ryan Seacrest, who, thanks to his obnoxious performance on E!’s pre-show, became the first host to wear out his welcome before he came in. Had he been content to simply keep the show moving, he might have been bearable. Instead, he worked the crowd like he was back at American Idol, making more of a nuisance of himself with each appearance, apparently not realizing that the occasion called for a classier act.”

Alan Sepinwall of the New Jersey Star-Ledger is equally upset, not so much at the presentation but by the winners. Tim Goodman echoes his sentiment, “No Falco, no Gandolfini. Does anyone have a TV at the Emmy dumbassification of America factory? And can the TV industry stop this anger at HBO? Really, this isn’t galling anymore, it’s just sad and wrong.”

The NY Times was more moderate in its analysis, but didn’t exactly give Seacrest a glowing review. “Not that Mr. Seacrest… is unpleasant, but his presence didn’t exactly bring the evening up a notch.” The Hollywood Reporter also took the middle ground, “Whatever shortcomings Seacrest or the telecast exhibited, the show did have some memorable moments, a modicum of humor and a lot of surprises.”

There’s no denying that FOX took a risk. Unfortunately for them, it appears that it backfired.

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