Monday Bullets

The cast of The Office on NBC

The Wire vs. The Sopranos: attempts to determine the best TV show of all time. They could have saved themselves the time. It’s The Wire by a long shot.

• Could the Gandolfini/Edie Falco snubs been the product of a New York/Los Angeles feud?

• If so, don’t expect Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Fallon to mediate.

Kristen Bell sheds some light on her Heroes character Elle, the chances of her staying on with the show permanently and the rumors about her joining the cast of Lost. If Heroes can figure out a way to keep Bell on full time, that’ll be one hell of a get considering she’d most likely bring along a lot of Veronica Mars’ cult fan base.

• The residents of Scranton, the rural Pennsylvania town in which The Office is set (they don’t shoot on location) is hosting their first annual ‘Office Convention’. An added bonus? Producer Greg Daniels is trying to get NBC to fly him and the writers out for a Q&A panel.

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