Crescent City on ‘K-Ville’

The cast of K-Ville

With impressive overnights and a win in Monday Night’s key demographic, the question of whether the country has taken to K-Ville been put to rest (until next week). As for the citizens of New Orleans about whom the show is supposed to be about? That will likely take longer to ascertain.

Times-Picayune TV columnist Dave Walker dubbed it “cliche-riddled, but not hopeless,” (which is a much kinder than the critical reaction across the country).

Based on the reaction of his readers, however, the show still has a long way to go:

• “One cop on the verge of breakdown, drinking on duty, his partner a fugitive from justice. White woman trying to take the black mans land by hiring commandos. The recovery is hard enough without making us look like idiots. Who wrote this episode, FEMA?”

• “I can’t believe they were even allowed to air that show. K-Ville made the New Orleans Police Department look like a bunch of fools in a uniform. The department has enough problems with crime and moral already. Cops drinking on the job, hiring a convicted felon and having his partner cover it up, shooting at cars on Bourbon Street, chasing criminals through crowded streets, etc…. That is a bunch of bull, that just does not happen like that.”

• “So many events in that show were just made up, but how do you make a movie about something you know nothing about. Everyone has a lot to say about what happened after Hurricane Katrina. I was there during and after the storm, where were all of these wonderful people that enjoy writing these scripts when we needed help?”

• “If you really want to capture the reality of a post-Katrina New Orleans, don’t fictionalize the city by morphing West and East banks. Come down here, study the place. Learn the difference between Cajun and Creole, between who yearns for cypress and who for live oak. Remember, Tennessee Williams didn’t write Streetcar Named Desire while living in Denver….”

• “With all the real drama in New Orleans, why would writers resort to such cliched characters and preposterous plot lines? My neighbor was a cop and I could have gotten six episodes just from listening to him and his buddies talk over the course of one beans-and-rice night (boy, am I mad now that he never invited me to any gumbo parties, if only I’d known that’s the big social event).”

• “One of the most quintessential aspects of New Orleans is that there is barely one degree of separation between people. There are more dramatic possibilities in such a uniquely interconnected city than in rifling through old scripts of ‘CSI’ and ‘Miami Vice.'”

• “K-Ville is the second worst man-made disaster to hit New Orleans.”

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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