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Robert Wisdom on Prison Break

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On An All New Episode
After season two followed Fox River’s merry band of bandits as they fled across the country and uncovered conspiracies, season three brings Prison Break back to its roots. This time around, the brothers Scofield find their roles reversed with Michael incarcerated and Linc trying to free him.

As an added kicker, Michael’s new home, the Panamanian prison Sona, is no Fox River. After extreme rioting, the guards withdrew from the prison, leaving the inmates to their own accord and manning only the perimeter under a strict “shoot on site” policy.

Naturally, Michael must escape, bringing an unknown inmate (who eats rats) with him. The season will see him meet old friends (Bellick, T-Bag and Mahone are all in Sona too), butt heads with the Kingpin of Sona, Lecharo and foil the plans of the unknown faces that want him dead.

Best Character – Lecharo
That he played my favorite character on The Wire notwithstanding, Robert Wisdom is awesome as the de facto boss of the guardless Panamanian prison. Operating under the belief that “Without rules we are nothing but savages,” Lecharo incorporates an intricate set of guidelines to maintain order and social hierarchy in society absent all law.

From his unique method of conflict resolution (fights to the death), to his orientation sessions, to the Darwinian system of assigning jobs, Wisdom takes no more than five minutes to establish Lecharo as the most intriguing character Prison Break has ever seen.

Best Quotes
“Never! Never use my floor as a bathroom!”

“That’s not chicken.”

DVR Factor
Season Pass – Top Priority – Save Until I Delete
Based on the season three premiere, Prison Break seems to have managed to stay fresh while using what’s essentially the exact same premise of season one.

While the show has never been anything more than popcorn fun, with the addition of Sona and Lecharo, certain moments had me thinking that season three’s storyline would make for a great series on HBO or Showtime (Think Oz with no guards — and throw in Al Swearengen and Tony Soprano).

No doubt the acting and dialogue can be painful at times and the plot holes are too numerous to list, but in a genre dominated by CSI and 24, Prison Break remains well ahead of the pack.

Critical Reception

The Good
Variety, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Entertainment Weekly , Chicago Tribune, TV Squad, E! Online, UGO, TV Guide

The Bad
St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Orlando Sentinel, Boston Herald

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