The Weight of Hypocrisy

America Ferrera stars on Ugly Betty

Not a month removed from Britney Spears being lambasted for having a “gut” at the MTV’s Video Music Awards, America Ferrera, Emmy Award winning actress and star of Ugly Betty is now taking heat for losing weight.

Ferrera attributes the weight loss an attempt to get in better shape and a heavy workload, “I feel like I’m a regular person. I’m a size 10 or 12, which is totally normal. But I do feel that since I wanted to get in better shape, there has been a bit of a backlash.”

It’s an amazing development given that much of the praise for Ugly Betty — and by extension Ferrera, was its accurate depiction of the “average” woman. But with the reaction to her weight loss, one’s left to wonder if that was ever the case.

Instead, it appears our society has little interest in “regular” women at all. How else to explain the indictment of a mother of two for being “chubby” by the same media that has put a 23 year-old on trial for losing weight?

And when that weight loss comes with the desire to become healthier, one’s left to wonder if all we actually care about is polarizing the physical expectations of women.

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