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On An All New Episode
When a rogue CIA Agent decides to send his old Stanford roommate an email containing the world’s most classified intelligence, the secrets are downloaded into Chuck’s brain and the Computer sales/repairmen has his world turned upside down. Now the most valuable military asset in the United States, Chuck is unwillingly thrust into the world high stakes spy games.

Best Character – Casey

Adam Baldwin is hilarious as the NSA agent set to keep tabs on Chuck. Not being the most diplomatic of secret agents, Casey focuses on the task of keeping Chuck safe with such little regard for anything else that he ends up stealing almost every scene. For fans of Firefly, Baldwin’s return to form is a welcome treat and an added coup for Chuck.

Best Quotes
“I’m not going anywhere Chuck. When you go to sleep at night all you’re going to see is Tang in your face.”

“That was factitious. Idiot.”

DVR Factor
Season Pass – High Priority – Save Until I Delete

Chuck is a great main character, charming and perfectly suited for the role. Unlike the standard tale of ‘the reluctant protagonist,’ it’s not Chuck’s desire that carries the story, but the hilarity of his incompetence in the world of military operations. While he manages to survive (what else would you expect), watching him get outwitted, only to be saved by his handlers is a fun ride.

A lot of the criticism of Chuck has been it’s unrealistic premise and gaping plot holes. But Chuck isn’t Lost or Heroes. It’s a comedy through and through and until it starts taking itself too seriously, anyone that gives it grief for the spy story angle is missing the point entirely.

Critical Reception

The Good
Variety, New York Times, USA Today, LA Weekly, Washington Post, Newsday

The Bad
Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, New York Post,

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