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On An All New Episode
Four months ago, we saw the ‘Heroes’ collaborate to thwart Sylar’s attempt to blow up New York, Peter and Nathan fly into outer space with a bomb strapped to their back, Hiro teleport back to tribal Japan and the rest of the cast go about their merry way.

The second season picks up with Claire and her family hiding in California, Mohinder trying to infiltrate ‘The Company,’ Hiro still in ancient Japan off on some crazy mission and Nathan back from space, guilt riddled and swimming in the bottom of a bottle.

Best Character: Niki

Unfortunately, she’s not actually in the episode, but no one did anything in the premiere to knock her from atop the throne. And so it is proven that even in absentia, Ali Larter is still the best actress on the show.

Best Quotes
“The paper business is dog eat dog.”

“Oh no! I broke history!”

DVR Factor
Season Pass – Medium Priority – Delete When Space Needed

After championing the show for an entire season, arguing with fans of Lost to the death (decided by a game of rocks, papers, scissors, shoot), I was horrified when the season finale bombed so magnificently.

That being said, the premiere of season two was very watchable. While the overall plot has disintegrated to nonsensical levels (the episode takes place four months later but Hiro hasn’t moved a muscle), there are stories to be enjoyed on a character by character basis. HRG and Claire’s move into hiding and their forced anonymity was pretty well done and Niki, who didn’t actually appear in the episode, will always be worth watching on account of Ali Larter.

It’s like being a pro-athlete and blowing out your knee. You might still enjoy playing, but it’ll never be the same and you’ll never be able to shake the resentment over ‘what could have been.’

Critical Reception

The Good

The Bad
New Jersey Star-Ledger, Baltimore Sun, New York Magazine

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