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Katee Sackhoff on Bionic Woman

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On An All New Episode
From the writers of Battlestar Galactica and The X-Files comes NBC’s remake of the 1970’s sci-fi The Bionic Woman. Jaime Sommers is a 24 year-old bartender taking care of her bratty sister (who can’t legally use the internet) and dating a charming doctor by the name of Will Andros.

After an assassination attempt on Will’s life by Sarah Corvus, Bionic Woman 1.0, Jaime is left in critical condition. In a desperate bid to save her life, Will transfers her to a top secret facility and resuscitates her using a radical genetics modification technique.

Jaime unwillingly becomes Bionic Woman 2.0 and is irreversibly linked to the underground organization that has left many a life in ruins.

Best Character – Sarah Corvus
In a departure from her role as Battlestar Galactica fan-favorite Starbuck, Katee Sackhoff is dead on (in more ways than one) as Sarah Corvus, the vengeful, take-no-prisoners Bionic Woman 1.0.

Corvus is the ultimate bad girl in that she’s not only ruthless and stronger than everyone else (good qualities to have if you plan to commit bad deeds) but viewers can empathize with her. If you’d been stabbed in the back by the top secret organization that turned you into a genetically engineered super-soldier, you’d probably be hell bent on killing them too.

Best Quotes
“Time bombs only matter to those that have time.”
-Dr. Anthony Andros

“Tell them Sarah Corvus says hello.”
-Sarah Corvus

DVR Factor
Season Pass – High Priority – Save Until I Delete

Forget the negative buzz surrounding all the re-shoots and the departure of writer Glen Morgan (creative differences). This is one of the rare cases where a networks requests resulted in something great.

While it’s hardly anything new (government/secret organization creates super-soldier), Bionic Woman hits all the right notes. The moral examination of free will and genetic modification isn’t too over the top. The action and mystery is top notch and there are two friendly faces from Battlestar Galactica. Given the choice between Bionic Woman and The Sarah Connor Chronicles, it’s Bionic Woman all the way.

Critical Reception
The summer has not been kind to Bionic Woman, but with the so many different versions floating around, a lot of the bad pub is based on things that have been cut or re-tooled. As of now, the amount of reviews for the final version of the pilot are limited. We’ll update as they come along.

The Good
Blogcritics Magazine, Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Bad
New Jersey Star-Ledger, TV Gal (Zap2it)

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