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Austin Nichols

Austin Nichols, most notable for his role as John in David Milch’s John From Cincinnati will be joining the cast of Friday Night Lights for a multiple episode story arc, according to Diane Holloway of the Statesmen.

In other casting news:

Rush Limbaugh appeared on last Sunday’s season premiere of Family Guy. It’s somewhat of a strange cameo for what has generally been a left-leaning comedy, but according to Limbaugh, “It was a lot of fun to work with these people. The actual creator was on the phone directing me as to how he wanted this to sound, and I was more than willing to cooperate, because it’s his show.”

Timothy Hutton, who most recently starred in the short lived NBC drama Kidnapped has been cast to play the lead role in the promising new TNT pilot, Leverage. Leverage focuses on investigator for ‘Big Insurance’ (seedy) who goes rogue after his son gets injured and the insurance companies refuse to foot the bill, resulting in the boy’s death. Slightly put off by the entire ordeal, he decides to put together an Ocean’s Eleven style team and go after them. Who hasn’t ever dreamed about doing that, at least once?

• I’m not sure that it necessarily counts as casting news, but less than a week after Maya Rudolph declared her departure from Saturday Night Live, she announced that she’ll be returning. Very well then.

Regina Hall will be starring alongside Cedric the Entertainer in his upcoming ABC pilot.

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