Wednesday Bullets

Tina Fey on 30 Rock

• The variation of Steve Earle’s ‘Way Down in the Hole’ which will be used as the theme song for season five of The Wire came out yesterday. It’s done by Earle himself (he also did Season 2) and while it doesn’t compete with season four’s masterpiece, it is very good. You can get it at Amazon or iTunes.

• For those of you that noticed Chuck was listed in the iTunes Top 10 downloads today, you weren’t seeing things. Despite NBC and Apple’s fallout, NBC is offering both Chuck and Journeyman on iTunes. Here’s hoping they can work things out.

• The long rumored X-Files movie will start shooting in December. No word yet on whether or not it will make any sense. The writers for Lost are hopeful that it won’t.

• Even more Sex and the City: The Movie spoilers, this time in the form of a YouTube video. And some footage of the gals in New York. (Spoiler Warning)

• NBC has the season premiere of Heroes online for those that missed Monday night’s airing. It’ll also get the encore treatment Saturday at 8 p.m..

• Just in case you were thinking about just skipping the episode of Heroes, here’s a little motivation.

• Being a Philadelphia resident, I can assure you this is the biggest thing to ever happen in Scranton. Seriously.

• If you’re excited for the season premiere of 30 Rock, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be, then Bravo’s six episode mini-marathon is icing on the cake. If you’re not excited, it must be because you’ve never seen the show, in which case this is your chance.

• Sign up to become a Showtime VIP (even if you don’t sign up you’re still very important to me) and you can catch the season premiere of both Dexter and Brotherhood right now.

• As if the Nielsen ratings weren’t already utterly useless and confusing, now networks are fighting over whether or not Heroes should be allowed to combine the ratings from two different nights into one number. Is this really what they need to be spending their time doing? Are advertisers so dimwitted they’re unable to determine how many times an episode airs during the week?

• On the plus side, Nielsen takes the first step in fixing a very flawed system.

• What’s better than no chance? A “better than zero chance” of course.

Hypocrisy in the world of entertainment? I for one don’t believe it.

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