The Return of ‘Knight Rider’

Night Rider

Hot off the heels of their Bionic Woman redux, NBC is at it again, this time in the form of a remake for the 1980’s classic (kind of) Knight Rider.

Doug Liman, who has directing credits for The Bourne Identity and Go under his belt (he was also an executive producer on Arrested Development) will head the project. As of now, the plan is to air a two-hour pilot later this year which, schedule permitting, Liman will direct.

While the prospect of Knight Rider in HD is a giddiness-inducing treat, the chances of David Hasslhoff reprising his role are grim.

Not to worry. Hasselhoff has found work at E!, David Hasselhoff where Ryan Seacrest announced his company is producing Tales of the Hoff, a new Curb Your Enthusiasm-type scripted comedy using the 55-year-old actor’s life as its fictional canvass. What better material than a messy divorce, custody battles, alcoholism, and maybe — we can only hope — seeing the Hoff perform his music for tens of thousands of adoring German fans? (Check it out!) Dan O’Keefe of The Drew Carey Show is writing the pilot. (Note to Dan: Any comedic look at the dark side of Hoffdom must include this scene.)

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