Thursday Bullets

Private Practice

Bionic Woman and Private Practice are the two highest rated new shows of the fall season.

• Even more Sex and the City: The Movie footage. This time it’s Jennifer Hudson on the set. (Mild Spoiler Alert)

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have joined the creative team behind Kenny vs. Spenny. For those not familiar with the show, best friends Kenny and Spencer try and beat each other in completely arbitrary competitions. And they play dirty.

• So maybe super heroes don’t have time for a love life after all.

• Who said the island of Lost was all murderous smoke, polar bears and crazy people.

• Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban blogs about his experience on Dancing with the Stars

• Unfortunately, the leads for the upcoming TNT pilot ‘Advertising,’ will not be these kids.

Eureka is coming back for a third season. It’s the Truth.

• While I’m not the biggest fan of reality television, I really, really love magic.. So the news that Fox’s Phenomenon is starting on October 24th has me tickled. Sadly, this guy was not invited to compete.

• The Nielsen ratings take their second step in two days to fix their flawed system. Weird.

• Boston Globe television critic Matt Gilbert debates the reason ABC won’t be sending the pilot for Cavemen to critics. I’m siding with the “it stinks” camp and going to mourn the loss of a new coaster.

“Nordics say ‘come on, get happy.'” That’s the actual title of the article.

• Back in 2005 I declared Creed Bratton the single most underrated character on television. Some two and a half years later people are finally jumping on the bandwagon.

• I give this show one month at the most before it gets canceled.

Today’s videocast with Brigitte Dale tackles Ryan Seacrest, Mark Burnett’s new game show and the Beckhams.

• For all the aspiring screenwriters out there, the networks are buying in bulk. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve have to go start my screenplay about a soft spoken hippopotamus and his arch nemesis, the unruly platypus.

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