Wednesday Funday Rundown: The Food and Noses Episode

The cast of Gossip Girl suckered into posing for a clothing label that their characters wouldn’t be caught dead wearing [People Magazine]

This has nothing to do with anything but…OMG Absinthe is back! [NY Times]

Today’s Biggest Duh Award goes to…Hollywood Reporter for their enlightening thesis that suggests that—gasp!—younger people are watching tv on the web more than older folks [Hollywood Reporter]

Last week’s tornado on Wisteria Lane? Pretty much cleaned house [Hollywood Reporter]

The Guardian suggests Posh Spice doesn’t belong in LA because she places too much emphasis on dressing up during the normal daily routine, which supposedly is a major no-no for us Angelenos. Should she revamp her wardrobe to include sandals and dreadlocks? [The Guardian]

Are the blogs and the magazines on a nose-modifying witch-hunt? It’s good for smelling stuff and getting all runny when you’re sick. Get over it guys. Leave girls and their bodies alone [E! Online & Fox News]

People magazine has a newfound obsession with what pregnant ladies like Law & Order’s Elisabeth Rohm and The Office’s Angela Kinsey eat. This just in! They get hungry! They eat lots of food! Uh, point taken [People & People]

American Idol’s Melinda Doolittle hawking chicken (haha get it) for a restaurant we’ve never heard of (that also sounds fake!) [Entertainment Weekly]

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