Last Night’s TV: Add Baba Wawa on MySpace

Barbara Walters

I watched too much TV last night and I am still a little batty and incoherent so I think I’ll give you an ADHD version of the lineup. Hang on to your remotes:

At The Office a bat got loose in the office and Dwight feared it had turned Jim into a vampire. It didn’t help that Jim started complaining about the crucifix on the wall and the brightness of the lights. Next up, a new Scrubs episode, what? I feel like I haven’t watched a new episode since the early 2000’s. Dr. Bob Kelso stuffing cupcakes into his mouth in every scene after winning a cupcake raffle, Janitor hiding his stuffed squirrels to land a normal lady, and the whole gang fighting over top placement on a rate your doctor website that has striking similarities to MySpace. Woa, has MySpace infiltrated every inch of prime time TV? Because on ABC, Barbara Walters was interviewing MySpace’s Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe for her 10 Most Interesting People of 2007. She created a MySpace page! Omg add Babs on MySpace. I think she has ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’ as her profile song because Babs has many problems and much money. Other notables include Justin Timberlake, Katherine Heigl and the Beckhams.

Phew! That was more like Ritalin on Crack, sippin on a Frappuccino.

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