Bones: The Crystal Method’s Faves

Ken Jordan

Bones is one of my favorite shows, partly because come on, where can you find topics cooler than bones, surgically removed kneecaps and gory crash scenes? (okay, my idea of fun may be a little different than yours). I recently got a chance to chat with Ken Jordan, one half of the duo that makes up Crystal Method, one of the most prolific and pioneering electronic music bands in the industry, and the ones responsible for the very cool theme music at the beginning of each Bones episode. He let me in on the reasons they decided to collaborate with Bones producers, on Vegas (his new 10th Anniversary release) and on his favorite episodes that he’s been catching on Fancast:

We did two other tv series in the past—one was Third Watch that ran for a long time and one was a show called Hawaii. So when both those were off the air, we wanted something else going, so the producers of the show contacted us—we had a conference call, got a really good feel for the show and worked on it for a while and came up with the Bones theme. We made this specifically for Bones; which is something that we haven’t really done for any other show. My favorites are:

1. The Santa in the Slush; This is probably my favorite episode because I just really like Christmas. It’s a happy and giving time. Bones has to kiss Special Agent Booth under the mistletoe and you can tell they’re into each other. [Watch it on Fancast]

2. The Intern in the Incinerator: Watch it

3. The Boy in the Time Capsule: Watch it

Catch the Crystal Method’s current release, the two-disc Vegas (Deluxe Edition), which signals the tenth anniversary of their debut album, and listen to Ken and Scott live every Friday night over at Indie 103.1.

The Crystal Method’s website and MySpace page

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