Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Julia Roberts, Nia Vardallos and Charlie Wilson’s Party

Charlie Wilson's War Premiere

Last night the stars were somehow aligned, and maybe the bouncers were dozing off, resulting in me getting into the premiere and afterparties of Charlie Wilson’s War at Universal City Walk. The star power was unbelievable, and we realized this while walking the red carpet (which was very long) when we heard a disturbing “Juuuuuliaaaaa, Juuuuliiaaaa” chant coming from the fans lined up along the path. It took me a bit to figure out which Julia they were talking about (Child?) but once I looked over at the lovely lady talking to the press, I instantly knew just which Julia I would be sharing the theater with (!).

The film was great, the theater was nice, blah la blah, but the highlight of my night was walking out of the dark theater, struggling to regain my sight and nearly bumping into Tom Hanks. The Tom Hanks (did you get that? Tom Hanks??), casually chatting up Mike Nichols and Nia Vardalos, who looked marvelous and tiny in a shiny short thing and fantastic hair (she looks about 30 pounds lighter and 10 years younger than she did during her MBFGW days).

I then sort of flitted into the VIP VIProom (it was so VIP they nearly analyzed your IMDB listing at the door and ranked you accordingly) with the A listers, once again possibly due to a security lapse and was immediately surrounded by nearly the entire cast, in addition to journalist and Mike Nichol’s wifey Diane Sawyer, looking spectacular in all black, the real life Charlie Wilson and his wife (I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it must have been for her during certain, ahem, special scenes that involved her husband and various strippers/Jacuzis/secretaries named jailbait), Cyia Batten, Producer Gary Goetzman; President and COO of Universal Studios Ron Meyer; Gray’s Anatomy’s Elizabeth Reaser; politician James Baker, among others. Rita Wilson was chatting up a friend about how crazy these past tree days have been, and Jud Taylor kind of giving me a bit of tude’ when I almost bumped into her (you’re not made out of crystal, homegirl, deal with it). It didn’t help that my friend struck up a conversation with her thinking that she was Emma Roberts.

Overall a spectacular night. Charlie may know how to win a war but he sure knows how to throw a great party.

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