KITT is Back! As a Ford?

The Original KITT

KITT is back! And he’s better than ever! Uh…Maybe? A state of the art Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR was unveiled this morning at the NBC lot in Burbank, and hailed as the updated face of Knight Rider in a new made-for-TV film based on the show that made The Hoff famous and thus made a decade of red-clad bikini TV possible.

Does the new KITT look cool? meh, kind of. It’s a standard Ford; so very ordinary, as opposed to the Pontiac Trans Am that was the original incarnation. E! News (and possibly every other entertainment blog out there) talks about the disappointment some fans and bloggers have voiced out over the drastic change and truthfully, I can’t say I blame them. When I first heard the news a few weeks back, I was surprised they had picked a car with no real ‘wow’ factor. Talking to my bf about it, we decided the best possible option is a Dodge 2008 Challenger, a car that’s been getting so much fanfare that the first few limited editions have been selling like hot cakes to those on a waiting list (large, heavy, powerful and expensive hot cakes. How expensive? Like $20,000 over the sticker price. How do I know? My bf is on the list! And he can’t stop talking about it!). I mean just say it out loud: Challenger. How much tougher can a car sound? And the engine? Jesus, do you even have to ask?

Ford mustangs…were…cool…once. Now the road belongs to the Challenger. The new KITT should just hit the road.

(and yes, my Dad is going to kill me for this one. He is a Ford man)

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