Last Night’s CSI New York: Accidents and Stupid People

On CSI: New York last night, Essex Palmer, 29 year old internet entrepreneur (internetpreneur?) gets half his mouth blown off by an exploding cigar straight out of Laughing Larry’s hijinx shop. Is Laughing Larry also a Murdering Larry? Danny stupidly looses sight of the neighborhood kid he’s watching during a robbery (yeah, when shots ring out, tell the kid to peddle as fast as he can through the streets of New York by himself. Sharp cop). It’s then Danny’s responsibility to give the horrible news to the mom. Turns out a stupid gun-toting bystander accidentally shot the little kid. Who killed the happy web 2.0 yuppie? A weirdo comic book geekazoid who had a bone to pick with Laughing Larry, who accidentally drowned his playmate in elementary school because of one of Larry’s faulty magic tricks. Turns out he’s now responsible for another accidental death. Nice going, homeboy.

Next week, Wendy dies while Tinkerbell watches? The CSI crew goes on the search for Captain Hook? OMG. Have. To. Watch. Episode. Next. Week.

In the meantime, catch more episodes at Fancast.

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