Kat Von D Breaks World Record. Also, Fans Really Love Reality Shows!

Kat Von D

This past Friday, I got a chance to stop by the High Voltage Tattoo shop in Hollywood, to check out Kat Von D and her LA Ink gang trying to break the Guinness record of most tattoos done in a 24 hour period. When we arrived, the line of LA Ink fans who wanted to get tattooed by Von D began in front of the shop along La Brea, and snaked around the corner and down several blocks. The kids up front had been camping out since early Thursday evening (it was cold! not wussy Hollywood cold, crazy NY cold!), vying to get their LA tattoo and possibly be featured on the show. Inside, Kat was busy trying to tatt up one person each 3 minutes (which left her with no time to talk), and the camera crew was running around attempting to capture the crazyness that was that night.

Karoline Von D

We talked to Jonathan Shaw, tattoo artist to Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson, who immortalized his antics in his new book, Savage Grace, and who will be guest starring in the upcoming season. Kat Von D’s sister Karoline was also more than happy to talk to us, telling us that in the new season we can expect Kat to start dating a new boyfriend and that we’ll find out what happens with Hannah (will she return?). She also gave us the scoop on exactly why we were standing on a giant skateboard ramp that took up almost a quarter of the shop (Kat had the idea to install it from her many skater buddies, some of whom get tatted by her), and on the promise they are making to not sell out: “This is never gonna be a corporation, it’s gonna be a tattoo family. Before we get to that point we’ll shut it down.”

Dish: What’s the craziest thing that happened today?
Karoline: Definitely the drunk person who was throwing up in line. We had to go out there and physically get him out. Also the angry guy who wanted to be the 400th tattoo, he got a little crazy.


The crowd outside was just as pumped up as everyone inside the shop. We met superfan Hannah, who loves The Hills and who, like us, felt totally overwhelmed by the season finale. She also watches Newport Harbor and A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila. Her favorite LA Ink episode? “OMG! When Hannah got tattooed by Tom Green!”

Jenny and Sarah

Jenny, Sarah and Roger had been in line since noon that day and told us they love I Love New York, The Hills, “and Gossip Girl” Roger says, beaming that he’s a guy and he likes the show. They didn’t have a memorable LA Ink moment, but did particularly remember their most disliked episode, when the ladies from The Real Housewives of Orange County got tattoos.

We also met David, who loves watching American Chopper and was kind of bummed that he was missing Jimmy Kimmel Live, “But what made it cool was that Jimmy Kimmel drove by the line today and everyone went wild”. Ah, tattoos, reality shows and Jimmy Kimmel driving down the street. Only in Hollywood.

Today we talked to Josh, Kat’s personal security guard, who told us the crew pretty much didn’t rest or sit down for 26 hours. Kat broke the record and tattooed the 401st person, after taking only 4 breaks and eating nothing. Go Kat! Congratulations to you and your crew on this momentous occasion. Shall we celebrate? Another 400 tattoos for everyone!!!!

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