The Dexter Chat Room Where No One Chats About Dexter


Showtime announced they have set up a microsite where fans can watch short clips of interviews with Dexter’s Eric King and C.S. Lee and executive producers Sara Colleton, John Goldwyn and Clyde Phillips and talk with other fans in a chatroom, where you can apparently discuss your favorite Dexter moment:

Meebo vp business Martin Green said this project is the “perfect” case of how to use the Web to complement a TV program. “People like to talk about the shows they care about with other people,” Green said. “It can be very powerful for a brand like Showtime, which has these followings, to provide a place for that discussion, particularly when they have extra content.” [Hollywood Reporter]

Really, guys? A chatroom? Really? While I applaud your web bravado, isn’t that a little 90’s? Didn’t chatrooms kind of go the way of AOL townhalls? Isn’t this the worst way of attracting fans to the show, by giving them a way to talk about themselves, their relationships, and start fights with each other?

I’ve even gone deep undercover inside these said chatrooms to bring you what really goes on inside Showtime’s Dexter microsite. To put it briefly, there is plenty of talk about Salute Your Shorts, farts, monsters and goonies. Hi everyone, I heart Dexter.
Can I get a list of everyones top dexter episodes?

DexText: Salute.
DexText: Your.
DexText: Shorts.
Table Salt: Pete and Pete, Space Cases, All That…
Table Salt: Wild and Crazy Kids!
The Great White Black: grim adventures of billy and
mandy is good I’d like to quote you guys for my blog over at Comcast Entertainment’s
dying for more dexter: i LOVED the adventures of
pete & pete.
dying for more dexter: & daria!
Table Salt: Actually that cartoon isn’t half bad.
Same with Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.
dexbloodfan0: animaniacs
dying for more dexter: !!!
Table Salt: And Animaninacs was brilliant.
dying for more dexter: daria is my home girl. lol.
Table Salt: Wheel of morality.
Table Salt: Classic.
fatallyyours: daria was the ****
Table Salt: Man… those were the days.
DexText: “His mother’s strange.. She’s lookin
happily deranged… Can you settle to shoot me?
Or have you picked your target yet.. Hey Sandy!
Ai Ai Ai…I bet your dog bites… Ai Ai Ai…Hey
sucks. ;x or maybe one favorite episode?
Table Salt: Well damnit it’s your funeral.
DexText: please
DexText: My Brother and me
DexRox: lexter are you here
dying for more dexter: lol.
Table Salt: LMAO.
Table Salt: Lost.
Table Salt: It really is ass.
Table Salt: I never understood why they never
made it off that island yet.
dying for more dexter: the karate kid! anyone?
fatallyyours: dont fart on a leather chair
Table Salt: OMG.
DexText: because…the island moster
Table Salt: CLASSIC.
DexText: the smoke monster
dying for more dexter: yes!
dying for more dexter: GOONIES!!!
island moster
Table Salt: CLASSIC.
DexText: the smoke monster
dying for more dexter: yes!
dying for more dexter: GOONIES!!!
dying for more dexter: XD
DexRox: i love dexter\
Table Salt: … oh well

A better way for you to deplete your Dexter angst might be to watch all the great Dexter episodes we have here at Fancast.

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