Stan Lee, Heroes, and Milo!

Heroes cast

On Saturday we attended the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival, which was awarding a lifetime achievement award to Stan Lee and honoring the cast and creators of Heroes. The press release originally suggested only a small sampling of the cast of Heroes would be in attendance (including Stan Lee! creator of all that is saintly! And having something to do with Jay and Silent Bob!). Okay we were mainly in it for Milo, because every single one of our female friends has the hots for him. But Much to our surprise, nearly the entire core cast showed up, including Hayden! And she was tiny! And so cute!


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Tim Kring and Jeph Loeb

The show began with a presentation of the Jules Verne award to the venerable Stan Lee, who was his cleverly delightful and funny self. Next up, show creator Tim Kring and writer Jeph Loeb took the stage to present an exclusive preview of a new episode (but we were sworn to secrecy as to the content…which was AMAZING!). There was a particularly rowdy section of the audience (READ: girls) cheering any time Milo and Sendhil Ramamurthy graced the silver screen. We, um, may or may not have hooted and whistled along with them. A lengthy discussion followed, which touched upon previous episodes, the creation of the show, what the consequences of the writers’ strike are, and funny cast anecdotes. Tim and Jeph then invited the cast to join them on-stage…once again echoed by the screams of girls throughout the auditorium.


There was a particular superfan who was sitting behind us during the show, who was uber excited to be there and who seemed to know everything there was to know about Heroes. His name was Edgar, and he had plenty of favorites to share with us:

Favorite episode of Heroes: “Cautionary Tales” [Watch the episode at Fancast]
Favorite Hero: Peter Petrelli [Played by Milo Ventimiglia]
Favorite Villain: Sylar [Played by Zachary Quinto]
Four of your favorite TV shows other than Heroes: Smallville, Supernatural, House M.D. , Prison Break

We ventured outside, to the red carpet, where several fans waited for their chance to catch Stan Lee and their favorite hero. We met Lauren and Christine (they were twins!) who, hands down, love the episode where Hayden finds that she has special powers. “My favorite moment is when Claire cuts off her toe! Gross!”

Twin hero fans

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