Jamie Lynn Spears as Juno MacGuff

JL Spears

We touched upon the Jamie Lynn Spears saga a bit the other day, as our Editor explored the similarities between JLS and Juno MacGuff, the pregnant teen character of theatrical juggernaut Juno. Other outlets are also wondering what this might mean for JLS’s Zoey 101. I, on the other hand am worried about other things, like, what is going to happen with Jamie Lynn Spear’s Stardoll? Will they “phase her out of the catalog”? Or slowly allow the doll to develop a baby bump, followed by the addition of a JLS Jr. baby accessory and an awkward, style-challenged boyfriend? And yes, you’ve now discovered my secret obsession with the Stardoll website. Seriously, this site is crazay; you can dress up Anna Wintour in funky little Wal Mart outfits, you can catch Conan O’Brien in his knickers (watch Conan’s funny intro), you can even switch heads on the Ugly Betty Doll (America Ferrera or Salma Hayek?). And…what’s this? Dress your own Oscar doll? Okay now this is just going too far.

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