Sex and the Peta

Kim Cattrall

Sex and the City has always seemed like the last bastion of those types of establishments that still thought fur was okay to wear, that smoking was cool, and that you could still afford to live in NY with a columnist’s salary. Well the times they are a-changing, as evidence by Kim Cattrall, whose Samantha character on the series probably wore the most fur out of the fashionista team, and who has renounced her animal skinning ways by promising to donate the furs that she is wearing in the SATC film to PETA. PETA has announced the furs will be marked by a red X on the back and given away to the homeless.

PETA claims Cattrall, whose Samantha character is splashed with red paint by protesters in the flick, is “adamantly against fur. She once wore fur, but had a change of heart once she learned how animals are drowned in traps and electrocuted on fur farms” [NY Post]

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