The People’s Choice Awards Have Been Taken Away From Us

Mommie Dearest

We love blogging and covering daily news topics, but we also look forward to covering events. We really are looking forward to award season for our very own chance to bicker with other reporters on the red carpet (“that was MY spot, NOT yours!” and my favorite: “And how many times do I have to tell you…NO…WIRE…HANGERS!” Crazy E! reporters). So what do you think my reaction was when I heard that the People’s Choice Awards had been canceled? I was livid! Well, not exactly canceled, but the red carpet has been nixed and the show will be taped [AP]

The show will include pre-recorded acceptance speeches by winners as well as their responses to questions sent in by fans, according to a People’s Choice statement.

The “new approach will give fans a more personal glimpse into the lives of their favorite actors and musicians,” awards President Fred Nelson said in a statement.

The People’s Choice ceremony gives the public the chance to choose its favorite music, television and film entertainment. The show is produced by Sycamore Production, a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble Productions.

Better luck next year.

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