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Adrienne Curry

On the 12th day of Christmas, Adrianne Curry blogged. She bid good tidings to Tyra Banks but had not such nice things to say about Top Model and the winner of the current season. She also has a little something to say about a certain check that the show may have forgotten to place under her tree…for 5 years in a row. Oh, and she adds the wink emoticon to downplay her anger and enhance the passive aggression in the post–because that is what you use after saying things like “You are such a liar. haha just kidding ;) ” (ha! see what I did there?)

Is Top Model a Scam? Reflecting on the New year

Is Top Model a Scam?
That’s what everyone has been asking me lately because of the last season. I didn’t watch it, but I came across the finale and watched it the other week. I guess the winner of the show not only has modeled before (Wendy’s commercials, Tyra Banks Show runway model) but that she also had a personal relationship with Tyra from being in her T-zone camp. According to my contract with Top Model, all of these things would keep you from even coming on the show, let alone win it.

I agree with the majority in saying that this is not fair. When I did watch the show, I didn’t think that they chose the girl who could actually model…but then I remembered that they are 9 seasons into this show and have yet to be successful in making a real “Top Model”. I would have picked the other girl based only on that I think she would work more. It’s Tyra’s show, and she can obviously do whatever she wants.

I love to compete. If I had been one of the other contestants, I would be crying foul everywhere I went. I am really surprised at how unfair that season seems. So I guess now real models are going to be allowed on the show? That should make things interesting.

I think that if all these rumors of the winner being tied in the industry and having a prior relationship with Tyra is true, that the title should be given to the runner up. I know Tyra is an honest person. I have been assured by many that Tyra isn’t unfair. Seeing how she isn’t, I know she will do the right thing in this situation. Heck, maybe after she is done righting this wrong, she could hint at the agency she placed me in to PAY me for the work I did and won through her show? Been trying to get that check since 2003. ; )”

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