Nicole Blonsky: New Girl On The Block


On the airplane last week I had about 12 hours to kill. No internet. No Fancast. No MySpace. No Blackberry. I was a mess! Luckily the plane actually featured movies I hadn’t yet watched, like Hairspray with a very disturbing John Travolta in drag (this may have been responsible for my general sense of queesyness on the plane). Another thing I noticed was Nicole Blonsky, the cute-as-a-button girl who plays Tracy Turnblad. I love that she doesn’t fit the requirements of the typical emaciated Hollywood lead. Seriously. She has no problem with it. She dances and shakes across the screen. Awesome! Coincidentally I just received word that she’ll be starring in her own Lifetime TV movie.

This Saturday, January 12th, Lifetime is proud to present the debut of its all new made-for-TV movie, “Queen Sized.” Starring recent Hairspray break-out star, Nikki Blonsky, “Queen Sized” tells the touching true story of an unpopular, overweight high school girl named Maggie who is nominated for homecoming queen as a cruel joke by the school’s “popular girls.” Sick and tired of being teased about her weight, Maggie decides to stand up to the bullies and stay in the competition… and becomes a school hero in the process! Her new-found celebrity, however, quickly goes to her head and causes a whole new slew of problems as Maggie’s old friends begin to dislike the person she is turning into. In the end, Maggie is faced with the difficult decision of deciding whether to embr! ace the superficial “popular girl” she is becoming… or stay true to her original friends and herself. “Queen Sized” premieres this Saturday, January 12 at 9 pm et/pt only on Lifetime!

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