Jamie Lynn Spears: I Guess Americans Like The Teenage Mothers

Getting pregnant may have been the best thing to happen to JLS’s career, with her um, seminal show, Zoey 101, drawing in staggering post-baby-announcement numbers, even beating out Hannah Montana. Maybe Miley should rethink her career trajectory and seek out insemination by an awkward, geeky midwest stud as well?

A repeat of the Zoey 101 cliffhanger on Saturday night averaged another 3.9 million.
The season finale, in which Spears’ titular boarding-school teen shipped off to London, was the first new episode to air since the 16-year-old younger sister of Britney Spears announced last month she was pregnant.

While the with-child Spears recently shipped off to her home in Louisiana, her kid-magnet show will remain on Nick. Despite rumors to the contrary, the cable network said last week it will, as planned, launch the already filmed fourth season of Zoey 101 in February.

The prepregnancy Zoey 101 was a hit performer for Nick, drawing a then-record 3 million viewers for its third-season premiere. As of November, the network said, it was TV’s top-rated show among children aged 9-14.

The postpregnancy Zoey 101, however, was a phenomenon, not only outdrawing every other comedy and drama series on cable, but outdoing Britney Spears’ last prime-time vehicle, the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, which averaged 7.1 million gawkers for the pop star’s comeback “performance.”

Among other things, the Zoey 101 season finale was bigger than two college football bowl games on ESPN, the postseason cast reunion on VH1’s I Love New York (4.6 million) and the week’s biggest Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel (3.9 million) [E! Online]

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