The Amazing Race: Kennedy’s Recap


by Kennedy, host of Reality Remix

After two weeks in Australia I had three weeks of TAR to catch up on, and I was sad to see Kynt and Vyxsin lose the race because of avoidable mistakes and critical lapses in judgment. The pair was racing alongside the other 4 remaining teams in India after coming in last in the previous episode. We were promised this season would have no non-elimination rounds, so fans and viewers were shocked when the Pinkies were given reprieve in the final moments of the show.

They were warned there was a new element to the show, the Speed Bump that involved a solitary task for the saved players that could mortally wound their chances of advancing in the game. These two completed their yoga Speed Bump and were neck and neck with despicable Nate and Jen (whom they could have U-Turned if they’d properly strategized), but silly Kynt didn’t read his instructions and had to go back and retrieve receipts from the gas can recipients. If he’d left when he finished the first time he and Vyxsin could have beaten the dislikable duo to the mat ensuring at least two nice teams in the final four. Instead this error cost the team the show and cost the show its most unusual and strangely strong team.

This Sunday it was the other sweet team, TK and Rachel, who were cursed with punishing travel and inexplicably chose a 2-stop route to Osaka, Japan. Their flights left earlier but arrived later and they were all but out of the competition. We were treated to a montage of these two kindly and gently completing all their tasks, free from stress and doubt as they were certain to check in last.

As luck would have it they stumbled into the second unlikely non-elimination leg and will squeak through another week with a punishing Speed Bump and three hour delayed start this coming Sunday. Because they are so decent and kind I will be rooting for them like I’ve not cheered another team since the Bruins beat Cal on the gridiron, and hopefully their good karma will come back and grace them with a shot at the top three.

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