Eww, Another List

Ha! I mean, EW has another list out, but this time it’s actually kind of blog worthy, as it points out the top 20 best and worst celebrity blogs. Some of our favorite celeb blogs made the list: Zach Braff, Rosie O’Donnell, Lily Allen, John Mayer, but also some surprises: Alyssa Milano’s Dodger blog (wtf?), Victoria Beckham’s fashion blah blah blog and Jenna Fischer’s blog. Some highlights below:


ANGLE: A passionate dissection of the L.A. Dodgers — by someone way cuter than Tommy Lasorda.

HIGH POINT: An entry comparing steroid use in baseball to the Botox obsession in Hollywood scores with thoughtful analysis.

LOW POINT: Jargon-filled missives like ”There is no reason to play James Loney in right field, out of position, when we were losing by a ton in the eighth” could turn less-than-diehards off.

VERDICT: We’re charmed. A-


ANGLE: Posh Spice shops a lot.

HIGH POINT: On her Golden Globe party attire: ”I wore a Cavalli A-line shift dress. It had a detailed neckline and little pockets in the most gorgeous plum colour with beautiful shoes covered in shimmering crystals by Le Silla. It was FABULOUS!”

LOW POINT: Shilling her hubby’s Intimately Beckham perfume as a great Valentine’s Day gift.

VERDICT: Posh tries to sound grounded, but much of the blog reads like it was dictated to an assistant. Not helping matters: The rest of the website is chock-full of press releases. C-


ANGLE: Diary, comedic op-ed, and plugs for his ”SModcast” podcasts and live appearances.

HIGH POINT: It’s a tie between a happy-birthday greeting for his wife (”From a one-night-stand to my partner and soul mate. You boggle my mind, you fill my heart, you race my blood, you take my breath away”) and a series of e-mails between Smith and a writer from The Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi debating whether Alanis Morissette sang a tune called ”One of Us.” (Smith was right — she didn’t.)

LOW POINT: After famously attacking film critic Joel Siegel for walking out of a Clerks II screening, Smith repents when he discovers that the spat is mentioned in a Siegel obituary.

VERDICT: Smith calls his diary ”My Boring-Ass Life”; it’s apropos, given that much of it addresses subjects such as his diet and his man-crush on Bruce Willis. Nonetheless, fans will appreciate his candor. A-


ANGLE: The funnywoman pushes her lefty, multi-sexual agenda (”A few words about trannychasing”) with earnestness but scant interactivity with her readers.

HIGH POINT: With all her charity concert dates, meticulously detailed in her blog, it’s a wonder this woman makes a living, she’s apparently so generous.

LOW POINT: ”I have some wide a– feet. They are beautiful, with a graceful arch of instep and a dramatically deep sole. But my feet are somewhat Fred Flintstoney, with the width holding all of my weight steady.”

VERDICT: Very sincere, but even Hilary Clinton’s blog has more laughs. C


ANGLE: Road diary + occasional fashion tips x poetic license = bassist/chief blogger Pete Wentz on a roll.

HIGH POINT: Witty, goofball humor; speedy updates; regular support of charitable causes and lesser-known bands.

LOW POINT: None, really, unless keeping up on the daily minutiae of MySpace dreamboy Wentz just isn’t your cup of Tang.

VERDICT: Fun, frequent postings, high level of fan interaction. If you’re not interested in FOB and their general scene, however, you’re probably SOL; it’s pretty insidery. B+


ANGLE: A cheeky diary from the actress/mom/animal rights advocate.

HIGH POINT: Pam’s realization that Uggs are made with animal skin (”I thought they were shaved kindly?”) is double-take-worthy — ”I feel so guilty for that craze being started around Baywatch days…. People like to tell me all the time that I started that trend.” But now she adds, ”That’s it!!!!”

LOW POINT: She scrimps on the details of her blink-and-you-missed-it marriage to Kid Rock: ”Divorce. Yes, it’s true. Unfortunately impossible.” Awwww.

VERDICT: The opposite of Ugg. B+

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