Friday Rundown: Before You Pack Up And Head To Sundance

You’re going to Sundance? You lucky bastard! Before you dust your horrific snowboard with stickers as old as time, make sure you watch Cloverfield!

Before you forget to pack your most important things (you WILL forget), make sure you blog! The stars do it! Just like us!

But make sure you don’t blog about Tom Cruise! You’ll get served!

And whatever you do, don’t blog about your ex! Even if she’s jinxing your favorite team!

As you drive through crazy traffic to get to your first premiere on time, don’t forget to use expletives during your road rages! It’s Ok! Because Annie Hall does it!

Also, on a serious note, remember a very talented and promising young actor you used to have a mad crush on when you were in Jr. High, who unfortunately left this earth on Tuesday.

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