Simon Cowell: Sinner or Saint?


Getting amped for Idol tonight? Which judge is your favorite? Ours might not be Simon after reading Radar’s shocking article on 50 Things You Need to Know About Simon Cowell, loosely based on his autobiography “I Don’t Mean To Be Rude, But…”

Some things we never knew about Simon?

5. Simon turned out to be a less reliable boyfriend than producer. According to Sinitta, he not only cheated on her three times, he made passes at her sister and her best friend and is “incapable of being faithful.”

6. Certainly, no relationship has ever curtailed his strip-club habit, which he indulges girlfriend or no, because, shockingly, he “like[s] it.”

7. Cowell has forbidden Seymour from asking him questions after 11 p.m. and suggested she get her boobs enlarged.

11. When in London, Cowell meets with his mother, Julie, a retired ballet dancer, for lunch twice a week. In 2005, he spent $500,000 on her surprise 80th birthday party.

48. Cowell was bullied as a child, and he allowed five British children who’d also been harassed to visit his office, reassuring them, “It happened to me and my friends, too…. But it’s the people who are picked on that are the cool ones.”

What do you think about some of these admissions? Is Cowell a sinner or a saint?

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