The Grammy’s: Just Don’t Let Beyonce Host

Trying to ease out of a really bad and depressing news story which reminds us of our own youthful mortality and as a result gives us a really bad stomach ache is kind of difficult, but it’s worth a try:

The WGA says that the Grammy Awards will not be picketed, but no agreement is yet in place for writers to participate. Hollywood Reporter writes:

The WGA West board was scheduled to meet Tuesday night, but it was unclear at press time whether the issue of the interim agreement would be raised. Without a deal, no WGA members will be able to write for the awards show.

What could have been a serious public relations battle has been averted, however, and talent belonging to other unions will be free to perform, present and attend the show.

“We are pleased with the decision made by the WGA today,” Recording Academy president Neil Portnow said Tuesday. “In light of this, we are gratified that the 50th annual Grammy Awards will focus solely on the great music, artists and charitable work resulting from our show. We look forward to unveiling the exciting lineup of artists who will give our worldwide audience one of the most memorable Grammy shows ever.”

Please, I beg you, don’t give musicians the chance to be funny. If Beyonce tries to pull off a Sarah Silverman at the VMA’s, I’ll consider it the fourth sign of the impending apocalypse.

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