Last Night’s Cashmere Mafia

Cashmere Mafia

God have mercy on my soul, because I’m totally getting into Cashmere Mafia! I’m wading through all the awkward haute couture that looks more like it belongs on the set of the I Love Lucy show, and finding a great show I can really get into each week. But trust me, I fought it. A lot.

Mia’s cute doctor story instantly caught my attention, particularly as he said “I don’t date Asian.” Um, wow! I nearly jumped out of my seat and instantly AIMED my friend who happens to be from Beijing. “Um OMG, this is wild! Did he just say what I think he said?” she typed back. But of course, the fake date they had (the one Mia cooked up in order to make Jake jealous) made the good (hot) doctor interested. Juliet finally kicked her hubby to the curve, after his philandering ways; he was stealing from her! And Caitlin…I spent the entire episode wondering why she looked familiar, turns out, she’s been in OC, Friends, NYPD Blue, Kitchen Confidential, Garden State, etc.

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