Juno: It’s The Burger Phones, Stupid

by | January 25, 2008 at 7:45 PM | General


Pop Candy points out today that hamburger phones are selling like, uh, hotcakes (burgercakes?) on Ebay.

According to eBay, sales of the phones jumped 759% in a month after the movie’s release. In the last month, 773 phones have been sold, and they’re still pretty affordable; the average price paid for one is $10.45.

Is this a McDonald’s-induced trend? Are people protesting Fast Food Nation? Not quite. Looks like this has everything to do with 2007′s uber-film, Juno, where a hamburger phone makes a splashy appearance inside the room belonging to a very impregnated Ellen Page. Seriously, who needs a Blackberry, when you can have a super cool phone in the shape of a classic food item no one eats anymore? It’s the next Lava lamp!

Catch the hamburger phone in person, at Fancast.