This Weekend: Rambo, Untraceable

Stallone as Rambo

Rambo: Rocky Balboa was a surprise success, a visit to an old friend, but this was a franchise that started with Academy Award clout. I don’t think anyone would say the same about First Blood, and definitely not about Rambo: First Blood Part II. So does the deadliest mullet in movie history have a chance to revive its former debatable glory?

Untraceable: Diane Lane must track down a killer who posts his murders on the internet. Finally, torture porn is downloadable!

How She Move: A dance movie that made it’s debut at Sundance. Dancing is very important!

Meet the Spartans: I think everyone in the world has seen enough 300 parodies to last them a lifetime. I seriously doubt Carmen Electra has anything new to bring to the table. Someone give Diedrich Bader better work.

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