Second Look: Arrested Development

By Martha White
TiVo Queen


(Second Look is an occasional re-examination of series on Fancast.)

I shouldn’t have to talk anyone into watching Arrested Development. I’ve purchased all three seasons of the show, and the DVDs haven’t spent a day in my home because they’ve made the rounds to friends and family. Every time I give it to someone, I feel like I’m doing them a favor and I rexpect some gratitude. Maybe some, “Oh, this changed my life! You’re the best.” So feel free to leave those sentiments.

While I can’t loan you my DVDs, you can discover Arrested for yourself on Fancast by clicking here. The show is filmed mockumentary style and follows the fall of a wealthy real estate family after an Enron-like scandal. Despite the show’s critical success, it tanked in ratings and was eventually canceled as its humor depends on viewer loyalty to a set of generally unlikable but hilarious characters.

The best way to understand the show is to watch it, and if I were to recommend one standalone episode to taunt you into full viewership it would be For British Eyes Only. While this episode was in the last season of the show, it can be enjoyed solo and also stars the lovely Charlize Theron. Every episode of the show contains voiceovers which help bring in back story. As expected by the title, the episode spoofs James Bond movies and like most of the series can be enjoyed on multiple levels. Feel free to follow it up with Forget Me Now and Mr. F which follow Charlize’s storyline.

Despite its cancellation, the show relaunched Jason Bateman’s career and also starred Apatow favorite Michael Cera. My favorite character, Gob, was played by Will Arnett, husband to Saturday Night Live vixen Amy Poehler and voice of the new Knight Rider car K.I.T.T. I’m waiting for David Cross to get a spin-off…

Note to network executives: I’m still waiting…

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