Lipstick Jungle: Brooke Shields and Candace Bushnell Talk to The Dish


Got a chance to catch up with Brooke Shields and Candace Bushnell on Friday to join in on a conversation about Lipstick Jungle, an upcoming show on NBC about three high-powered ladies who support each other through the thick and thin of life, marriage and career in NY. We asked Candace and Brooke what their favorite female-centric shows of all time were and here’s what they told us:

I Love Lucy (Candace), The Mary Tyler Moore Show (Candace and Brooke), Sex and the City (“Of course!” Candace said), Murphy Brown (Candace and Brooke), Judging Amy “and The Flying Nun!” They mentioned this last one with a laugh.

They also brought up references to Mary Tyler Moore and how many current shows, including Lipstick, contain comedic moments reminiscent of this seminal show.

Catch more of what these influential ladies said on an upcoming post and watch Lipstick Jungle, February 7th on NBC. But in the meantime, view previews of the show at Fancast.

Candace Bushnell

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