NKOTB: Reunion or No Reunion?

Donnie Wahlberg

New Kids on the Block’s (or NKOTB, for girls who were under 12 in the 80’s) Danny Wood has read the rumors hinting at an NKOTB reunion, and he wants to tell fans that it’s not gonna happen. He dispels rumors on his MySpace page, but Us Magazine has the scoop (because his blog is down, probably due to the spike in traffic coming from NKOTB heads)

“I wanted to address the rumors of the NKOTB Reunion Tour,” former boy-bander Danny Wood wrote on his MySpace blog this morning. “There has been no talk of this and you are getting it from the source directly.

He later added, “You can’t believe everything you read.”

Still, he hinted: “Never say never!”

What have the original boy-banders been up to since their days of fame? Fancast has several clips of their more current shenanigans:

Donnie Wahlberg has had the most significant impact, with roles in Southie, Saw II, and many other projects.

Joey McIntyre has been on Dancing With The Stars, Love, Inc., and a longer-lasting role on Boston Public.

Donny Wood had a role in Ringmaster with Jamie Kennedy.

Jordan Knight has been on several reality shows, like The Surreal Life.

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