The View: Barbara Walter’s Insider Info on Britney

The View

We are always a bit anxious (in a bad way) about posting the latest Britney Spears news, but this one involves Babs, so we’ll make an exception.

Did you hear it this morning on The View? Barbara finally broke a story. Seems that Britney Spear’s manager, Sam Lufti, phoned the venerable news diva to confirm that Britney has mental issues, but that these are in fact treatable. He described her mood swings and difficulty sleeping (which seems dangerous and sad in lieu of Heath’s apparent sleeping troubles before his passing). He also let Babs know that her mother has been supportive of whatever Britney wants to do.

Always the concrete, logical cynic, Whoopi followed Barbara’s news tidbit with something like, ‘Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna have to go backstage and wipe the tears off my face’. Whoopi! Your deadpan is staggering, always the antithesis to the ladies you share that table with.

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